Online Solution Coordinates All Construction Activity

Construction Management Solution Manages Day To Day Operations



Setup your work crews by assigning employees, equipment, rental and materials onto each of 28 possible job sites.



Manage dispatch completely. Know exactly what equipment and materials are to arrive at the job site and when.



Give a tablet to each foreman. This system shows them their employees, equipment, rental and materials at each job site.

Eight Powerful Features Of Construction System

Construction System Has These Built In Capabilities

1. It Is Accessible And Easy To Use

Construction System is accessible via the web as both an intranet (for internal users) and the internet (for external users). It is simple for users to enter data or update their information.

5. A Daily Setup Screen That Shows 28 Crews

The heart of the system is the daily setup. This is a screen that shows 28 work crews. Simply drag employees, equipment, rental, and materials from the left main onto the job site for your daily setup.

2. It Lets Foremen View Their Job Sites

Construction System works by giving each foreman a tablet at the job site. The system shows employees, equipment and materials assigned to the site. It shows what materials are coming to the site.

6. A Complete Dispatch System Included

The Dispatch System is a log where materials, equipment, and rentals are assigned to jobs. It sets up deliveries so you know exactly what is ordered. Dispatched items show up on the daily setup.

3. It Interfaces With Accounting

Each job site includes a form to record hours and quantities. These amounts are tabulated into Excel Spreadsheets that are used to interface with existing accounting systems.

7. Daily Updates From The Foremen

Each day the foreman makes a daily update on his tablet. These report to the job giving management an overall history of what has been done on the job site making oversight a lot easier.

4. Invoice by the Job, Phase, or Daily

Each labor entry includes the main job, the phase, and the date. You may want to present your customer an invoice for work done for today only on the foreman's laptop in the field.

8. Construction System Can Be Customized

The Construction business is not conducive to cookie cutter software. With Construction System if you need a report, function, or capability your can have it because we wrote the system.